From Bagger To Badgerer

| Working | July 9, 2013

(I am a cashier at a grocery store. One of the baggers has finished her shift and is checking out on my register.)

Me: “Paper or plastic?”

Bagger: *ignores me* “Now, where is my EBT card…”

(Since she has ignored me, I begin bagging in plastic. She has a very large order. After she finds her card, she notices and stops me; by now, I’ve already bagged a lot of her items.)

Bagger: “Oh, I wanted paper in plastic. Can you take that out of the bags and give me paper bags?”

(I start rebagging her items in paper and plastic, which are larger than the plastic bags and designed to hold more items.)

Another Customer: “You’re seriously going to make her undo ALL of that? You work here!”

Bagger: “I’m off the clock! I’m a paying customer! And don’t make them too heavy. I can’t lift heavy bags!”

Me: “…”

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