From Awful To Lawful

| Working | July 5, 2013

(My friend is on a business trip in Hong Kong, and is having lunch with a few important clients. He’s making conversation with a beautiful young woman who is part of the group.)

Friend: “So, what do you do for a living?”

Woman: “Me? I’m just a prostitute.”

(My friend’s mouth drops, both at the woman’s supposed profession and her calm attitude about it.)

Friend: “Uh, wow, that’s, umm, really interesting. I bet you make lots of money.”

Woman: “Nah, not really. But that’s not even the worst part about my job. The hours are very long, so I’m pulling overtime nearly every single day.”

Friend: “…Is that so? Well, okay then.”

Woman: “And there’s a load of paperwork, too. Don’t even get me started on the paperwork.”

Friend: “Wait, what?!”

(At this moment, another woman sitting next to her starts whispering to her in Cantonese. The woman who has been talking to my friend starts blushing upon hearing what the other woman has to say.)

Woman: “I’m very sorry for the confusion! I’m a PROSECUTOR. Not… what I said earlier.”

Friend: “Now that makes sense! Here I am, thinking that you had a really bad pimp or something!”

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