Fries Are Too Fresh And Other Ridiculous Complaints

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I work in a popular fast food restaurant that is especially famous for its curly fries, which we try to keep as fresh as possible. We only let the unsold fries sit under a warmer for seven minutes before we throw them out and cook new ones. Needless to say, not many people can complain about getting old fries.

One day, this old lady comes up to the counter and slams her tray down while glaring at me. I ask her what the problem is, and she responds with, “These fries are too fresh! They are too crunchy for me to eat, so now I’m going to have to wait at least an hour so they are soft enough to eat! This is all your fault!”

I just stand there speechless as she walks away with her tray. True to her word, she proceeds to sit in the restaurant for over an hour before asking for a to-go bag and smugly taking her cold fries home to eat.

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