Fries Are Always An Urgent Matter

, , , | Right | October 13, 2020

I work at a very well-labeled smoothie store; “smoothies” is in the name, and there are large window clings that have pictures of smoothies everywhere, outside and inside.

A man suddenly RUNS into the store, pouring sweat and looking around frantically. He dashes up to my counter and speaks to me, heaving between each word.

Man: “Hey! Hey. Do— Do you sell… Can I have… fries?”

Me: “Er. I’m sorry, sir. This is a smoothie shop. We don’t sell fries.”

The man looks very distressed and is still breathing heavily.

Man: “Uh… Where…?”

Me: “There’s a fried chicken place down the block that sells really good fries, if you wanted to try that?”

The man said nothing and BOLTED out the door and toward the fried chicken place I’d pointed out. I still wonder what caused the fry emergency.

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