Friendships Born Of Death

| Friendly | January 13, 2015

(I’ve just started at university, and have just joined one of the societies which centres around getting together as a group and watching films in one of the University’s large lecture theatres. I don’t really know many people in the group yet – but it’s not the done thing to talk out loud and disturb everyone else during the film. I’m used to watching films with my friends at home where we frequently interrupt what we’re watching with in-jokes or quotes from TV shows we all watch. At the society we’re watching the original ‘Robocop’ movie, and have just passed the part where a certain-named character dies.)

Me: *without thinking and extremely loudly* “OH, MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY!”

(Slightly awkward pause, before I hear a small voice from back of lecture theatre:)

Small Voice: “You b******ds!”

(And that is how I found my equally immature university best friend!)

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