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Living A Very Animated Life

| Friendly | January 24, 2014

(My friend and I are standing in my driveway on a particularly windy day. It has been a few weeks since I had mowed the lawn and the grass has grown quite long. The wind is blowing around the grass in waves like they show in animes.)

Friend: “Look, the grass is blowing like it does in animes where you can sort of see the wind in the grass like a white line.”

(I look at the grass to see what he’s talking about.)

Me: “Oh, awesome! You don’t see that in real life!”

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Having A Better Hair-Day

| Friendly | January 24, 2014

(My family is in our car getting ready to leave. As a side note, my mom has been having a very bad day and is close to tears. Random woman approaches the car and taps on the glass.)

Mom: “Yes, is there anything you need?”

Random Woman: “Oh, no, I just noticed that you had a really nice hair style and you looked like you needed to hear something good.”

Mom: “Thank you! That really made my day.”

(The random woman just smiled and walked away. It was true, though. For the rest of the day my mom was smiling. It just goes to show that odd, yet thoughtful behaviour can really change a person’s day.)

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His Charity Ran Out Of Gas

| Friendly | January 23, 2014

(My friend and her husband have just left a shopping center and are headed back to their car, when a stranger stops his car next to them to ask for gas money. Note that my friends are very generous people. The husband in particular will usually offer to help out anyone who genuinely seems to need it without hesitation.)

Stranger In The Car: “Hey can you spare a few bucks? I need gas to get home.”

Husband: *glances at the car* “Not when you’re driving a brand-new car that still has the 30-day tags!”

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They’d Had A Friendship Of Note

| Friendly | January 23, 2014

(I am 14 years old, when I have a huge bust up with one of my best friends. At the end of the day, I am passed a note from her. I wait until I get home to read it…)

Note: “Your a total b****! I hate you! Your going to be beatun up!”

(Upon reading it, all I can do is laugh. My dad overhears me and asks to see it; afterwards, he gives me some “advice” which I follow: the next day at school, I walk up to my ex-best friend, hand her the note back and walk off, smiling and calm. She opens it and starts screaming. I had corrected all her spelling and grammar mistakes in red pen!)

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I Have No Words

| Friendly | January 23, 2014

(I’ve been walking downtown with my girlfriend. We’ve been talking about how different people communicate differently, when we spot a homeless man wandering aimlessly towards us.)

Me: “…as I was saying, even family members or people that are close to each other usually understand the same words differently, so, it is highly probable that a complete stranger will use a completely different set of words to communicate—”

(At this point the homeless man is right in front of us.)

Homeless Man: *waving hands* “AAAAHHHHHHH!”

Girlfriend: *waving hands* “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

(The homeless man just blinks and wanders off.)

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