There’s No Pill For Being An A**-hole

, | San Angelo, TX, USA | Friendly | July 4, 2014

(I have a lot of health problems and have to take a lot meds throughout the day. I have a roommate who is constantly commenting on my weight. I’m in my room when my alarm for my meds goes off. Without thinking, I just grab what I need and down them without water. My roommate looks over.)

Roommate: “Oh, so that’s why you are so fat. You do know pills have as many calories as candy?!”

With Friends Like These…

| TX, USA | Friendly | July 4, 2014

(I overhear a table of college girls, one of who is telling her friends about a series of harassing phone calls.)

Girl #1: “I answer the phone, and it’s just heavy breathing. This happens day and night, and it’s been going on for weeks. I am so scared, I jump whenever the phone rings, and I can hardly stand going home.”

Girl #2: “You need to call the phone company. They can put a trap on your phone, and when the guy calls again, you spring the trap. Then the phone company will track him down and tell the police.”

Girl #1: “But what if it’s a friend of mine?”

Don’t Get Smart With Me

| The Netherlands | Friendly | July 3, 2014

(I’m at a friend’s house for dinner. While she’s cooking I’m telling her about some problems I’ve been having. In the conversation we also talk about how intelligent people suffer more from choice stress and depression)

Friend: “You shouldn’t think so much.”

Me: “You’re the third person to tell me that. But even when I do the things I’m thinking about I still think about it too much.”

Friend: “But you do those things anyway.”

Me: “I hate you and your perspective.”

Friend: “You’re smart. Live with it.”

All Things To Some People

| USA | Friendly | July 3, 2014

(I’m at my school’s science fair, looking around at other people’s projects. Since it’s an online school I don’t know most of the people there. I notice a girl dressed differently and approach her.)

Me: “Hey, your clothes look familiar…”

Girl: “Uh, they might. Do you watch [Anime]?”

Me: “Yeah, wait! Are you cosplaying [Character]?!”

Girl: “YEAH! Do you like them?!”

(I show her a phone charm from the anime. She gets excited.)

Girl: “I HAVE TO SHOW YOU TO MY MOM! She said nobody like me would be here! I FOUND MY PEOPLE!”

(We hung out most of the day.)

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Howling Laughter

| Chicago, IL, USA | Friendly | July 3, 2014

(My friends and I are working on an art project and one of them is looking up animal photos on her phone as a reference for her drawing.)

Friend: “How come no good pictures come up when I Google ‘wolf roaring’?

Us: “….”

Friend: “… I need to sleep more, don’t I?”

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