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Friendliness And Rudeness Come In Similar Packaging

, , , | Working | January 22, 2020

(I am extremely socially anxious, as well as autistic. I also live on benefits due to not being able to work, and money is something I’m constantly stressed about. I’m sending a package out and I’m certain it’s the day I get paid and I have money on my bank account. However, my card gets declined.)

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry! Can you hold it for, like, five minutes? My partner is around here nearby, so I can ask for her to come to pay.”

(I’m really embarrassed, but I still try to be as polite as possible.)

Clerk #1: “Sure!”

(I step out of the line and go a little way away, calling my partner. I expect her to come there, but she transfers money to my bank account, instead, so I’m good to go in a couple of minutes. I take a number from the machine for the line and wait. [Clerk #1] is now in another area and doesn’t see me, while [Clerk #2] is in serving desk.)

Clerk #2: *to [Clerk #1]* “What is this transaction?” *looking at the computer*

Clerk #1: “Oh, the customer didn’t have enough money for the package; they’re coming back.”

Clerk #2: “Do you know if they’re paying in cash or card?”

Clerk #1: “No.”

Clerk #2: *sighing and rolling her eyes, looking visibly pissed off*

(I am only a few meters away, waiting for her to call my number, and I feel absolutely humiliated. I find myself constantly low on funds, even when I try to save and not use much of it. This feels like a dagger to my heart. I decide to step up.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Clerk #2: *looking up* “Yes?”

Me: “That’s actually mine.”

Clerk #2: “The—”

Me: “The package. I came here to pay for it.” *smiles friendly*

(A look of absolute alarm and embarrassment crossed [Clerk #2]’s face. She realized I must’ve heard everything. She didn’t say anything, however, and she was professional the whole time. I was friendly to her, even though I still felt mortified.)

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