A Fresh Pot For A Rotten Attitude

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2017

(We mark coffee pots with the time they were put on, and rotate them so the oldest pots are served first. If a pot sits longer than 20 minutes, it’s tossed. Despite all of this, I still have this conversation every time I serve this regular.)

Regular: “I want a cup of coffee. Your freshest.”

Me: “Coming right up.”

(There are two pots that were put on at the same time, but one has slightly less because I’ve already poured a cup from it.)

Regular: “No! Not that stuff; use the other pot!”

Me: “Ma’am, they were both put on at the exact same time.”

Regular: “No, they weren’t! That one’s half-empty!”

Me: “See where I’ve written on them? They both say 12:15. I just served the customer before you a cup from this one, but they were made at the same time.”

Regular: *grumbles* “Lazy little… Just gimme my d*** coffee.”

Me: *sighs*

(Every time… eventually I decided to just shut up and serve her from the full pots. A supervisor found this out and scolded me for it. Eventually, he had to serve her, too, and apologized to me, saying I was right all along.)

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