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Frequently Annoying Flyer

, , , | Right | January 26, 2021

I’m a passenger on a tiny shuttle flight from New York. One guy who boarded right after me is some sort of fancy frequent flyer and is being an a** to everyone on the plane.

A small woman boards the plane with a small backpack. As she is going through the aisle, the backpack grazes his arm for a second, and he gives her a clearly strong shove; she stumbles straight into a row of seats. She doesn’t seem hurt or frazzled; she just ignores him and goes to her seat, while he exclaims loudly:

Jerk Passenger: “Well, you touched my arm with your backpack!” 

Later, the pilot makes the announcement that we’ve reached cruising altitude and people can go to the bathroom. The guy right behind the jerk stands up to go to the bathroom, and this guy immediately yells:

Jerk Passenger: “What are you doing?! You’re a danger to everyone on this plane. Sit down!”

For a shuttle flight, the seat belt sign never turns off, which was why the pilot made the announcement to begin with. The whole plane was baffled because we could all hear him shouting from the front of the plane. The flight attendant had to make another announcement that passengers could use the bathroom for him to settle down.

The jerk then stood up and went to the bathroom himself! As he passed, the guy he’d yelled at asked if he still felt like a danger to everyone on the plane now, and he just glared at him and stomped off. I saw him talking and gesticulating at the flight attendant for ten minutes later, while standing around in the aisle!

I feel bad for the poor attendant, but boy, was I glad to get out of there when the plane landed.

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