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Freedom To Make The Choice I Want You To Make

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This was just after our province lifted the mandatory mask mandate but still stated that masks were optional. I have an autoimmune disorder where I have to actively kill (suppress) my immune system so it doesn’t kill me. I wore masks into crowded places during really bad flu seasons before it became a topic of argument.

My province had a lot of people who did not believe in mandates or masks, so they started trucking convoys to block roads and even managed to shut down cities so people couldn’t get around. The organizer always said, “We are doing this for freedom of choice.”

After one of these convoys, the mask mandate went away, so of course, they took the credit. This annoying exchange took place after that.

I was about to walk into a store where I knew it was going to be crowded, so I put on a mask. A guy came up to me.

Guy: *Very angry* “HOW DARE YOU?!”

Me: “What?!”


I didn’t know what to say, and he was blocking my path.

Guy: “I was with the convoy! I fought for us to no longer have to wear masks, so take it off!”

Me: “I thought you guys were fighting for freedom of choice?”

Guy: “Uh… well…”

I quickly bolted past him before he could think of a reply.

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