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Freedom Of Religion Is Only Good When It’s YOUR Religion

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It’s Black Friday in a very busy lotion store.

Customer: *To an associate* “Merry Christmas!”

Associate: “Happy Holidays to you, too!”

Customer: *To me* “Well, that was rude!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. How can I help you?”

Customer: *To me* “I told your employee Merry Christmas and she didn’t say it back!”

Me: “Oh… Well, we aren’t a religious organization so we don’t promote or forbid our employees from using any particular holiday greeting.”

Customer: “Christmas is the reason for the season! She should be fired!”

Me: “What if she’s Jewish?”

Customer: *To me* “Then you should fire her!”

Me: “That’s called discrimination.”

She pauses, takes a step back, thinks for a moment, and says:

Customer: “Our forefathers did not form this country to ignore Christmas!”

Me: “Um… Yeah, they kind of added that whole freedom of religion thing.”

She pauses again… for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Customer: “Oh. That. Well, that’s not what they meant!”

She storms off angrily.

Associate: *To me* “I’m not Jewish.”

Me: “I know, but she’s not sane.”

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