Free To Attack

| Friendly | December 31, 2016

(I’m moving in with my fiancée. Most of my furniture is hand-me-downs from friends, and not as nice as her, so it gets put out on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it. It’s the day of the move, and we’re putting everything into my rental truck when another truck pulls up.)

Guy: “Hey, is all this stuff free?”

Me: “That’s why it has the sign.”

Guy: “Oh, great.”

(He starts looking through everything. Two friends are bringing out my really expensive kitchen stuff to go in the truck. They set it down while we rearrange what’s in the truck to fit everything in. A few boxes also come out. The guy starts picking up my boxes and putting them in his truck!)

Friend: “Wait up, those aren’t yours! Bring those boxes back!”

Guy: “She said it was free!”

Me: “Only the furniture on the curb with the sign, not what’s in the truck!

Guy: “You said it was all free! F****** Indian giver! F****** c***!”

(He threw one box on the ground and made like he was going to get in and drive off. Another friend got between him and the cab. The guy tried to punch my (6’3”, ex-military police) friend and got knocked to the ground while my neighbor called the cops and I rescued my stuff.)

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