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Free From ‘That’ Joke

| Right | March 31, 2017

(I go to the register with a bunch of items, amongst them a magazine. The magazine does not seem to scan properly. After several attempts, I finally talk to the cashier.)

Me: “You know what, I don’t really need that magazine. I can just put it back if it doesn’t scan.”

(The cashier looks at me, startled.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry; what did you just say?”

Me: “I said it’s okay if it doesn’t work. I don’t need it.”

(She just looks at me intently for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. Finally she talks.)

Cashier: “Thank you.”

Me: “Uh? For what?”

Cashier: “For not saying ‘Oh, then just give it to me for free!’ Everyone always says that.”

Me: “Yeah, that must get old real fast…”

(We look at each other for a moment and burst out laughing. Her husband who also works in the store comes and laughs with us.)

Cashier: “I’ve been doing that job for 25 years. It has never been funny. Thanks for not making that cringing joke!”

(And the magazine finally got scanned in the end! I’m sorry for retailers who hears that “joke” every day…)

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