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Free Food Cost Him The Day

, , , | Right | July 22, 2019

Cashier: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]. Can I take your order?”

Guy: “Is the general manager there?”

Cashier: “Not at this moment. Do you need him for something?”

Guy: “Yes, I had a bad order last time and some worker said the next order would be free.”

Cashier: “Can I see the receipt?”

Guy: *looks to find his receipt, but doesn’t have it* “I lost it.”

Cashier: “Well, the general manager will be coming in soon.”

Guy: “Just give me some free food.”

(This happens for two hours. The general manager still doesn’t show up.)

Guy: “Where’s my free food?”

Cashier: “I don’t know what’s taking the general manager so long.”

(Another hour passes before the general manager finally shows up.)

General Manager: “So, what’s the problem here?”

Guy: “I had a bad order last time, and the worker said I’d get free food the next time.”

General Manager: “Where’s your receipt?”

Guy: “I don’t have it.”

General Manager: “Then no free food.”

(This argument went on and on. Finally, the man got his free food after hours. And guess what? He still found his meal bad!)

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