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Free Failing

, | Working | September 13, 2015

(A friend of mine is unofficially connected to an independent comic and gaming group that produces some stuff online. The owner asks him to go look for more talent for writing the group’s games and such. He knew that I am also an independent author and game developer on the side and occasionally do writing commissions.)

Friend: “So maybe you’d be interested in doing some writing for their [Their Primary IP] roleplaying game?”

Me: “Yeah, I could do that. Would he be offering me royalties or a flat commission rate?”

Friend: “No, no, he can’t afford to give you money in payment.”

Me: “Ohhhkay. Well, I wouldn’t mind some art from [artist of their group] in exchange for my writing then.”

Friend: “No, unfortunately he won’t do an art exchange either. [Artist] needs to focus on other paid commissions so that they can pay for other stuff.”

Me: “So I’d be doing this purely for exposure and my name being on the project?”

Friend: “He doesn’t want your name on the project either.”

Me: *long pause*

Me: “He asked you to go out and “hire” people to do stuff absolutely for free? No compensation whatsoever? And they wouldn’t get to have any credit?”

Friend: “Yeah, I told him it wouldn’t work very well.”

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