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Free-Estrange Parenting

| Related | July 2, 2013

(A group of friends and I, all in our 20s, are having a movie night. I’m living with my parents for the summer. I have recently gotten into a car accident that left me with whiplash, but no major injuries. A friend gets back from a phone call.)

Friend #1: “That was my mom. She heard an ambulance and wanted to make sure it wasn’t for me.”

Friend #2: *laughing* “Your mom is so overprotective.”

Me: “Guys. I got into a car accident today. When I called my dad to ask about insurance, he didn’t even ask if I was okay, just if the police were involved.”

Friend #2: “Well, that’s your dad.”

(Despite living with him, I don’t see my dad for two days after the accident. He says he ‘is busy’.)

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