Free Delivery On Shattered Dreams

| Related | February 27, 2012

(There is a popular Kid’s TV Show in the UK called ‘Postman Pat’. It is about the adventures of a postman from the small village Greendale, and his cat, Jess. My three-year-old brother loves this show. My Mum has just answered the door to a postman delivering a package.)

Brother: “Are you Postman Pat?”

Postman: *completely deadpan and monotonous* “Yeah.”

Brother: “Where’s your cat?”

Postman: “Um…health and safety?” *shrugs and walks away*

Brother: *looks absolutely crestfallen*

Mum: *to my brother* “It’s okay! No one in Greendale is allergic to cats, so you can still see Jess when you watch him on TV!”

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