Frag Hag, Part 2

| Romantic | July 17, 2012

(I love watching my boyfriend play ‘Black Ops’, but I am terrible at first-person shooters, and he is an ace, so I never challenge him. I also refuse to join him online so I won’t bring his team down. He has talked me into playing with him offline.)

Boyfriend: “You can run all you want but you won’t get away!” *he snipes my character* “Ha! Got you!”

Me: *rolls eyes* “Yes, you got me again. I don’t see why you’re enjoying this so much. It’s not like I’m a challenge.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, but I like playing with you. It’s fun seeing you trying to get away from me.”

Me: “Okay.”

(He’s hot on my tail again, so I start dropping claymores and detonate them randomly as I run. He’s so caught up in chasing me that he doesn’t realize what I’m doing and gets blown up by a stray claymore.)

Boyfriend: “What? Wait! How’d you kill me? I was right behind you!”

Me: *laughing hysterically* “I killed you and I wasn’t even trying!”

Boyfriend: *grins* “Maybe you should play online with me. I could use you as bait or a last resort!”


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