Found Your Calling Quite Late

| Working | January 12, 2016

(At the store where I work the schedule for Sunday through Saturday is posted in the break room, behind the customer service desk, and to a website all employees can access on the Friday prior to that week. All three schedules say that I am supposed to come in at three on Saturday, and say so for the entire week with no changes. When I show up at three on Saturday, my manager calls me over.)

Manager: “[My Name], why are you coming in so late?”

Me: “Umm, I’m not late. I was supposed to be here at three.”

Manager: “Well, our schedule for today says you were supposed to be here at 10:45. Why didn’t you call and say you were going to be late?”

Me: “Because all the schedules I saw said I was working at 3, and no one told me of any changes.”

Manager: “Well, yes, there weren’t any changes that I know of, but our schedule said 10:45, and it’s your responsibility to call us and tell us if you’re going to be late.”

Me: “But I’m not late!”

Manager: “You still should have called.”

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