Found Them Through The Clear Lens

, | Hopeless | May 10, 2017

My family lives next to a creek and often have to fish our empty wheelie bins out of it after wild weather. This time, however, my brother also finds two pairs of fancy looking sunglasses and a petrol card in the creek while fishing out the bin. The card has a car’s licence plate number on it, along with the name of a religious group.

We bring them inside and Dad starts calling various branches of the group whose name is on the card but none of them know the car. Meanwhile I try to figure out if the sunglasses are actually fancy or just look it. When we realise they’re probably prescription glasses, Mum tries calling the headquarters of the group in Sydney, and gets through to someone who knows who the car belongs to. They say they’ll pass on the message of what we found and get the owner to call us back.

Not ten minutes later we get a call from the sunglasses’ owner, extremely happy because they’re actually worth $500 (AUD) and have been missing for over a month — stolen from the owner’s car as she actually lives in our city. Mum organises for the owner to come by after she finishes work to pick her glasses up and we figure that’ll be it.

But to our surprise when the owner comes by that evening, she brings a card — and a big box of chocolates! — even though we were just doing the most basic of decent things.

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