Found It A-Moo-sing

| Friendly | March 17, 2016

(We decide to go on a family outing to an art gallery a four hour drive away because of an art exhibition that’ll only be showing for a couple more days. Unfortunately, this also means that all of us are extremely tired. My mother wants photos of all the artwork and is busy instructing me on which ones to take. The artwork all consists of fairly standard things like fields, trees… and cows.)

Mother: “Take a photo of that one, sweetheart… and all of those together! And oh… oh…”

(Suddenly, my mother points to another painting, which an old lady just so happens to be standing beside.)

Mother: “That cow, there!”

(The lady turned around, alarmed, realised what had just transpired, and shared a laugh with me. My mother, oblivious as ever, had moved on to another painting, none the wiser.)

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