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Found A Splint In Your Armor

| Friendly | August 23, 2014

(I’m the dungeon master for a role playing game. The party of adventurers is on a boat that is being attacked in nasty weather.)

Me: “Okay, so the boat is beginning to tip quite badly and you’re finding it harder to maintain your balance.”

Friend #1: “What are the odds we end up overboard?”

Friend #2: “I’m guessing pretty good. Ugh, don’t really want to do it but I take off my armour.”

Me: “Not a problem.”

Friend #1: “I guess I should too.”

Friend #3: “I don’t. My armour’s made of wood.”

Me: “What?”

Friend #1: “Dude, your armour’s splint mail. That’s not made of wood.”

Friend #3: “Yes, it is. Like splinters of wood.”

Friend #2: “That’s not what that is. It’s strips of metal. If you fall overboard you’re sinking like a rock.”

Friend #3: “No, it’s not.”

(Grabs rule book and begins flipping through, determined to prove his friends wrong and then closes it.)

Friend #3: “I… I guess I take mine off too.”

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