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Found A Killer Use For That Data

, , , | Related | December 2, 2019

(My family has been discussing our family history. I have been compiling a family tree for my father’s side of the family to go with what other relatives have done on my mother’s side. My brother and I have both done a consumer DNA test to help me with this. My parents are considering doing one, too, but haven’t done it in the two years they’ve had the kit.)

Mother: “I just don’t like the security of them; anyone can access your data. Just look at what happened in the US.” *referring to the Golden State Killer*

Me: “What are you saying? Are you telling me you’re a closet serial killer?”

Mother: “No! I’m just worried about what they might use my DNA for in the future.”

Me: “So, you’re not a serial killer but you want to leave the option open to become one at a later date without getting caught?”

(She has neither confirmed or denied this plan.)

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