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Formula One: The Next Generation

| Related | March 22, 2014

(My dad hates sci-fi. He even forces the whole family to switch the channel when he enters the living room if sci-fi or anime is on. He is watching Formula One grand prix in Silverstone, UK. It´s the warm up and they are showing the drivers and some VIPs. My dad is a little bit angry because we are making fun of the boring program and playing ‘spot the VIP first.’)

Dad: “Look! There’s your Captain Kirk from ‘Spaceship Entership.'”

(Puzzled, we look at each other, because why would William Shatner watch a race in the UK? Now we start to watch again and search for the person my father has mixed up.)

Me: *laughing* “Oh, yes. You are right. He is the captain of the Enterprise. But this is the ‘Earl Grey’ guy: Captain Picard.”

(We were still proud of him that he recognized ‘the captain!’)

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