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Forking Over The Good Presents

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(It is Christmas Day, and my brother and I have given our Mum gifts.)

Mum: *opening my gift* “A pizza stone? And a set of [kitchen utensils that make cooking easier]? Thank you, [My Name]. I was going to buy these for myself.”

(She gets handed a present from my brother. She shakes it and hears no sound. Deciding to open it, she uncovers layer upon layer of newspaper. Her face slowly darkens and we hear her muttering “…box full of air…oh, no, wait… it must be full of love,” but she gets to the gift and stares at it blankly before pulling it out.)

Mum: *holding up fork* “Is this it, [Brother]?”

Me: *reaching over and laughing* “No, no, look.”

(I extend the fork to five times its original length. Mum bursts out laughing.)

Mum: “Oh, an extendable fork; that makes everything better!”

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