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Forgot To Pick Up The Last Weight

| Related | August 8, 2015

(My dad likes to go to the gym on Sunday evenings, and recently my teenaged younger brother started tagging along with him. Unfortunately, our dad can be a little scatterbrained. One Sunday in December, the two of them left in dad’s car for the gym. Around the time my mom and I expected them to get back we got a call from my brother on the house phone.)

Me: “What’s up, [Brother]?”

Brother: “I think Dad left without me.”

Me: “What? Are you sure?”

Brother: “Yeah, I don’t see him anywhere.”

Me: “Call him. If you can’t reach him, call back and Mom or I’ll come get you.”

Brother: “Okay.”

(I hang up the phone, and not even ten seconds later I hear our dad pulling into the garage. I open the door to the garage and see him starting to get out of the car.)

Me: “Dad! What is wrong with you?!”

Dad: “What?”

Me: “You forgot [Brother]!”

(His eyes widened, he slid back into the driver’s seat, and peeled straight out of the garage and back onto the road faster than I’d ever seen him drive. He returned with my brother less than ten minutes later.)

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