Forgot That The Best Things Come In Small Packages

| Friendly | January 28, 2016

(It’s the day before my birthday and I have just received an enormous package, about which my roommate is inordinately excited.)

Roommate: “Oooooh, what is it? Who sent it? It’s huge!”

(She continues on in this vein while I slice open the packing tape.)

Me: “It’s not that exciting, [Roommate].”

Roommate: “Good things come in big packages! Is it a pillow? A TV? Something for the kitchen?”

(I finally get it open and pull back the flaps to reveal…)

Roommate: “…Cat food and toilet paper?”

Me: “Yup. Told you it wasn’t exciting.”

(She was completely crestfallen and I have no idea why, since it wasn’t even her package!)

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