Forgetting Their Number One Responsibility

| Learning | June 26, 2013

(I can’t stop crying because my ear hurts, so my teacher sends me to the nurse, who turns around and sends me to the office.)

Receptionist: “Hey, sweetie, you can’t be in here without a hall pass. Who is your teacher?”

Me: “My teacher sent me to the nurse and she told me to ask you to call my mom to come get me.”

Receptionist: “Okay, well the phone is right there so you can just pick up and dial your phone number and ask your mom to come get you.”

Me: “I don’t know the number. Do you have it in your computer?”

(The receptionist ignores me and insists I pick up the phone in front of me and call my mom. I finally do but just dial a bunch of random numbers. The phone starts beeping at me funny and I drop it and start crying loudly.)

Vice Principal: “What’s going on out here? Aw sweetie, what’s wrong?”

Me: “M-my mommy needs to come get me but I don’t know the number!”

Vice Principal: “That’s okay. We should have the number right here. You can sit down and I’ll call your mom for you.”

Me: “Th-thank you!”

(I sit down and eventually stop crying but I can hear the receptionist and the vice principal talking behind the desk.)

Vice Principal: “What’s the matter? Did the home phone number not work?”

Receptionist: “Oh, I don’t know I didn’t call them.”

Vice Principal: “What?”

Receptionist: “Yeah, I told her to pick up the phone and call her mom herself. She’s big enough to do that.”

Vice Principal: “That violates school policy! You have to call the parents to confirm you contacted the right people before putting the child on the phone. Look up the number and call her mother to come get her.”

Receptionist: “But she’s big enough to do it herself! Every third grader knows their home phone number.”

Vice Principal: “Well she doesn’t! Just call her mom, please.”

(The receptionist was still reluctant to call my mom so the vice principal went ahead and did it.)

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