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Forget You!

| Learning | February 5, 2015

(As a bunch of teen boys serving an apprenticeship we would often get back from lunch a little late, or just make it to class, We were all progressing well, but someone at the college was informing our workplace. We are complaining in class.)

Classmate: “I don’t get it. I haven’t been that late. I think the latest was five minutes. [Work Boss] chewed me out yesterday.”

Me: “The only time I was late was when my car wouldn’t start and I got a talking down to as well.”

Lecturer: “So you should. I will tell your company if you’re even a minute late!”

Classmate: *whispering* “I reckon it was him all along. It was him watching us when we got back from lunch and checking the time.”

Me: *whispering* “Yeah, he does seem like he would. What a d***.”

(The next day and the lecturer is nowhere to be seen. After half an hour we see him running down the corridor.)

Lecturer: “Sorry I’m late. I forgot we had this lesson.”

Classmate: “Bit of a poor excuse.”

Lecturer: “I can be late. You can’t understand. If I’m late it’s because I have important things to do.”

Me: “Like forgetting?”

(There was some stifled laughter and some brow-beating from the lecturer. One of my classmates eventually reported him for showing up late. Thankfully after that, he must have had a telling off from the college and we never got any messages back to work again.)

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