Forget You!

| Working | March 3, 2014

(I get scolded by my manager for forgetting a procedure that I read about a couple of weeks before but hadn’t actually used yet.)

Manager: “Are you stupid?! You signed that you read it and now you are saying you’ve forgotten it? There’s no excuse. You should have remembered it.”

(The next day I am shopping in our store half an hour before my shift starts.)

Manager: “[My Name], what are you doing?”

Me: “I’m shopping.”

Manager: “How dare you shop on company time?! Get to your section now! I’ll be dealing with you later.”

Me: “I don’t start for half an hour. You should know that.”

Manager: “How am I supposed to remember that?”

Me: “You wrote the roster. You are supposed to remember what time I start.”

Manager: “Are you getting back at me for what I said to you yesterday?”

Me: “Yep.”

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