Forever Young

| Related | December 12, 2013

(My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. My uncle’s wife helps to take care of her while my grandfather is ill. My aunt is in her 40s. My grandma is in her 70s, but often believes herself to be in her 20s still.)

Aunt: “Alright, [Grandma’s name]. Time for your shower! Let’s go.”

Gran: “Oh, alright. I don’t know why you want me to shower in the middle of the day, but if it’ll stop you from nagging…”

Aunt: “It’s only eight! What do you mean the middle of the day?”

Gran:I’ve been up for hours. Eight is the middle of the day.”

(They go into the bathroom together, bantering away. My grandma just stares at my aunt for several moments without doing or saying anything.)

Aunt: “What’s the matter? Do you need help getting undressed?”

Gran: “No, but I want my privacy!”

Aunt: “You know I can’t do that; not since you slipped.”

Gran: “Oh, fine. But turn away.”

Aunt: “You’re shy now? Wait’ll I tell Pop!”

Gran: “It’s just that– Well. I’m getting a little fat, is all. I don’t want you to see how awful my tummy is now.”

Aunt: “You’ve got nothing on me!”

(My aunt lifts her shirt to reveal her stomach.)

Aunt: “Look at that!”

Gran: “Yes, but that’s because you’re old and have kids already. I don’t have any such excuse.”

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