Forcing People To Branch Out

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While I’m at an event, my wallet is stolen. Luckily, I can freeze my cards and I have an alternate form of ID. Replacing everything is relatively easy until it comes to my debit card. I request a new one, for which I opt to get free shipping, since I don’t need to do shopping for a couple of weeks.

A month later, it hasn’t arrived. I call the bank to ask about it.

Me: “Hi. I requested a new debit card about a month ago and haven’t seen it come in the mail.”

Representative: “Hmm… I don’t see any notes about a new card here. We’ll have to put in a request now. Would you like to overnight it for $35?”

Me: “What? No, I called on [date] to cancel my old card and request a new one. It even shows online that I have a new one coming in.”

Representative: “My screen only shows that your old card was reported lost. All I can do is put in a new request.”

I decline and hang up. I go into a physical branch to ask about it.

Teller: “Hmm… it does show that the new card was sent out. And you’re sure it hasn’t come in?”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve checked the mail every day since I reported the old one stolen.”

Teller: “There’s a chance it might have gotten lost in the mail. Good news is, I can request a new one be overnighted and waive the fee for you.”

Me: “Are you sure? You won’t get into trouble?”

Teller: “Nope! I just need to verify the address you want it sent to.”

We verify and he puts the request through.

Me: “So… I called the 1-800 number earlier and was told they could only see a cancelled card. Is there some sort of issue on their end?”

Teller: “I’ll be honest with you, the call center is lazy. They can do a lot of things for people, but if it takes extra effort, they usually won’t. I try to have people visit in person, just to make sure they get everything dealt with correctly.”

Me: “So it leaves you guys to deal with their mess?”

Teller: “Mostly, yes.”

I did finally get my new card in, and for any other issues I’ve had regarding my bank, I’ve gone into the branch to deal with.

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