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For Those Wondering How To Get On A “Do Not Rent” List

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: BecentiComposer | December 13, 2021

I work at a [Motel Chain] which is franchised and owned by a guy who owns around 75% of [Motel Chain]s in our state, as well as inns and hotels in other chains in this state and several neighboring states. Our policy is to take credit cards and cash WITHOUT a security deposit. That might change after this, and I hope so; that policy is insane. I don’t know how you can own that many hotels and not realize what a disaster policy it is to not take a security deposit with cash payments, especially considering the brands he owns.

We still have our health crisis policies in place concerning the number of people per room. For our two-bed rooms, it’s four people, with an exception for families and their kids. Also, housekeepers will not enter stayover rooms, so we have linens, towels, etc., at the desk.

For the past week or so, we’ve had some sketchy people check into a variety of rooms on various days. I’ve noticed that one particular room has been having heavy traffic. For our area, that normally means drugs.

I keep an eye on that room throughout the week and notice that there are five other rooms that the people in that room seem to be familiar with. I see them meeting in the parking lot, exchanging packages, and going in and out of each other’s rooms, etc. I inform my general manager and the other shifts, and I keep my eyes on those rooms through the week. They aren’t doing anything overt and are generally staying within our rules except for a noise complaint here and there.

About two days before they check out, I notice an increase in people on bikes coming and going from those rooms with backpacks, so I’m certain drugs are involved. But, as I said, they are keeping within our rules and we’ve been pretty lax about the occupancy cap, so I just note what’s happening.

They check out en masse, and I come in that day and my boss is fuming.

Boss: “That room you noticed? Room [number]? They broke the toilet.”

Me: “The handle? The seat?”

Boss: “No, they broke the entire toilet in half.

Me: “How?!”

Boss: “No idea. The toilet tank cover was shattered in the shower, too. I don’t know how they did that, either. Their headboards were busted off the wall, and we had water leak into three adjoining rooms and damage them. Luckily, those weren’t occupied. Two of the other rooms did some tattooing, and they spilled ink all over the floor and on the beds, so now those linens are trash and we can’t rent those rooms out until the flooring is replaced. One of the rooms had lines of coke ready to go and they apparently just left it? One of the other rooms had… maybe hair dye… on the beds and towels, so those are trash now. And the rooms were just trashed — like multiple days of food containers stacked around the trash can, trashed so those rooms cannot be rented until we can bomb and air them out. And, of course, they smoked in all of them.”

My boss calls the owner and he blows up on her.

Owner: “Why are you renting to people like that?!”

Like we can tell.

Owner: “Did you get payment for the damage?”

Boss: “No, they paid in cash.”

He flips out, and she reminds him of his policy, which sort of shuts him up. I walk in just as she is hanging up.

Me: “I just checked the stay history of the guy who booked the room, and he did have a card on file for one of those days.”

Boss: “Run it for $500 for damages.”

Surprisingly, it goes through, so that cheers her up a bit.

A bit later on my shift, the guy calls me screaming.

Guy: “Why did you charge my card?!”

Me: *Calmly* “It’s for room damages.”


Me: “The documented damage from the room, which we are reporting to the police in addition to the cocaine in one of the rooms that we have you on tape going in and out of.”

He hung up on me and hasn’t called back. Of course, we didn’t report anything to the police, but we did document everything.

The next day, one of the people from those rooms tried to check back in, and my boss said nope, but she pretended to in order to get their ID for the Do Not Rent list. Needless to say, all the guests from those rooms are also perma-DNR.

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