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For This Couple, Joining Forces Is Definitely In The Cards

| Romantic | November 24, 2011

(I play Magic with my boyfriend, who I’ve been with for five years. I’ve been using some of his cards, so he decides to buy me my own set.)

Cashier: “This is a good set. You planning on entering the tournament this weekend?”

My boyfriend: “Yeah, I will be, but these cards are for my girlfriend.”

Cashier: *shocked* “But girls don’t play Magic.”

My boyfriend: “Well, she does, and she’s pretty good.”

Cashier: “You know if she beats you, you won’t ever live it down?”

My boyfriend: “Heck, if she beats me, I’ll marry her and brag about it in our vows.”

Me: “Aww…thanks honey.”

(I kiss him and we walk out with the cashier staring. I still haven’t beaten him, but I will soon!)

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