For The Record, This Isn’t Recorded

, , , | Right | November 30, 2019

(As part of my job, I have to contact customers to let them know the status of their repairs. Normally, it goes well but every so often…)

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name] at [Store]. I’m calling to—”

Customer: *click*

Me: *redials* “Hello, this is [My Name] at [Store].”  

Customer: “Oh! You’re not a recording?”

Me: “No, ma’am. I’m just calling to let you know that your computer is ready to be picked up.”

Customer: “You sounded just like a recording!”

Me: “I’ve been told that before.”

(Sometimes I didn’t even get that far, and they’d still hang up on the second try. Then, I’d just note on the account that they hung up on me, so if they called to complain about not getting a status report, we’d have a valid reason to give them.)

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