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For The Next Attempt, Think Outside The Box

, , , , | Right | April 1, 2021

It’s a Monday. I’ve been at work for three or four hours and I’m up a ladder when two guys come up to me.

Guy #1: “Hey, are you busy right now?”

Me: “What can I help you with?”

Honestly, yes, I’m kind of busy, but it’s also my job to help customers.

Guy #1: “I bought this box here, and there’s something in it.”

My brain doesn’t fully process this, but I take the box from him, frowning. It looks vaguely like one of our small craft boxes, but I don’t immediately see a price tag. I open it slowly to find a giant fake spider and I don’t say anything.

Guy #1: “What?! You’re not scared?!”

Me: “Of a fake spider? No.”

Guy #1: “The girls up front told us there was someone working back here who might be scared.”

Me: “Well, I’m sure they meant me, but I’m not.”

Guy #1: “Like, you’re not afraid of anything?”

Me: “I’m afraid of things but not obviously fake spiders.”

It took another few comments, but the guys both left. One of my coworkers came back and asked me if they’d approached me, and she told me that she knew something was up when the one guy approached her and the other had his phone out filming. They apparently tried to tell her their YouTube channel. We just laughed about it.

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