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For Some People, It Really Is About The Journey

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My mother and I are going to a craft show. Mum is driving but we have to divert from the regular route to pick up her friend from a house she recently moved to. Mum doesn’t have a Sat Nav so she is relying on me to navigate from a road map that I put beside me; I know the way as I have driven to the venue myself on other occasions.

It’s a twenty-five- or thirty-minute drive, basically on just four roads. I have no problems on three of those roads, and then we get to a fork in the road.

Me: “We need to take the right fork.”

Mum’s friend does not drive and has a very grating voice that turns high-pitched when she gets upset; it borders on screeching.

Friend: “No, we need to go left.”

Me: “No, it’s right.”

Friend: “No, left.

Mum: “Which way do I go?”

Me: “Just go right.”

We take the right fork.

Friend: *High-pitched* “This isn’t the way my daughter goes! She always goes through [Town #1] and the sign back there said it was to the left.”

Me: “We don’t need to go to [Town #1]; we are going to [Town #2], which is to the right.”

Friend: “We have to go through [Town #1] to get to [Town #2]; that’s the way my daughter always goes.”

Me: “Yes, when she picked you up from your old house that’s the way she would go, but we are coming from the opposite direction.”

Friend: “We’re never going to get there; we’re lost. Turn around, [Mum], so we can go the right way.”

Mum pulls over and puts her blinker on to turn around.

Me: “Just stick to this road; it’s only five minutes up the road”

Mum pulls back onto the road and we keep going. All the way, her friend is ranting about how we are going the wrong way; her voice is rising to screech level. I just want to tell her to shut up. After what seems like an eternity with my ears almost bleeding, but is actually less than five minutes, we see the sign for the venue.

Me: “There it is, on the left-hand side.”

Friend: “But it should be on the right. Why isn’t it on the right? I didn’t know it moved.”

Me: “It hasn’t moved; we came from the opposite direction of what you usually take.”

Friend: “Well, how was I to know? I don’t drive; my daughter does and she goes the way we should have gone.”

Me: “It would have taken us twenty minutes longer.”

She was still ranting how we had gone the wrong way as Mum parked.

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