For Some House Wine Costs As Much As The House

, , , | Right | October 28, 2019

(I’m taking a reservation for a large table over the phone. We offer an eat-as-much-as-you-can menu for £15 which includes EVERYTHING on the menu. Even the wine is cheap. We sell it for £9 a bottle. But even so, we get customers that do try to take advantage.)

Customer: “So, that’s a table of ten booked for [date], and could you also give an offer on drinks?”

Me: “Yep, all done for you. Our house wine starts from £9, which is super reasonable!”

Customer: “Don’t tell me that’s reasonable! Maybe some of us can’t afford to pay that! I can’t believe you expect us to pay that! Can’t you give it to us free?”

(I’m taken aback. We don’t give out free things readily. Besides, we have much larger tables, too.)

Me: “Well, there are soft drinks and you could also bring your own booze; there is no corkage fee. I think you can find wine across the road from £3, even.”

Customer: *getting agitated* “Maybe I can’t even afford that!” *starts to sob* “It’s my birthday. GIVE ME MY FREE WINE!”

(We gave up in the end and gave her a bottle for her table. She even had the cheek to ask that if she doesn’t eat that much, she wanted to pay less. I don’t think she grasped the concept of an “eat as much as you can” set price. If you can’t afford to eat out, don’t.)

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