For Richer Or Pourer

| Romantic | September 17, 2012

(Even though we are more fast food types, my boyfriend and I decide to go out to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary date. We pick a local Italian place that is known for its great food and extensive wine selection. PS: Neither of us know anything about wine.)

Waiter: “Hi folks, can I get you anything from the wine list to start you off?”

Me: “Um, actually could I just have a coke please?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, I’ll have the same.”

(The waiter leaves and returns with two frosty mugs of soda, each one with a bendy straw.)

Me: “Oh hey, look! We got the kiddie drinks!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, we don’t fit in here, do we?”

Me: “Nope, this place is DEFINITELY way too classy for us. But Happy Anniversary anyway!”

(We still ended up having a great night, in spite of being completely out of our league!)

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