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For Goodness’ Psych

, | Learning | May 3, 2013

Student: “Can I have… a turkey sandwich?”

Cashier: “No turkey, sorry.”

Student: “Okay, can I have… spicy chicken?”

Cashier: “No spicy chicken. We only—”

Student: “Can I have… tuna fish?”

Cashier: “No tuna. We—”

Student: “Okay, ham sandwich.”

Cashier: “No ham!”

Student: “What DO you have?”

Cashier: “A broken freezer and a thousand dollars of spoiled meat.”

(Long pause.)

Student: “Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich?”

Cashier: “Yes!”

Professor: *comes up next in line* “Can I have… spicy chicken?”

Cashier: “No chicken. No turkey. One of the freezers—”

Professor: “Oh… I just listened to that whole conversation, didn’t I?”

(He excuses himself from the line. A few minutes later he returns with a banner that had previously hung in a psych building that said “LEARNING STARTS WITH OBSERVING THOSE AROUND YOU.”)

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