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For Dessert We’ll Have Some Cinnamon Plot Twists

, , , , , | Right | August 26, 2021

I’ve recently moved to a busy college town and I’m out to dinner in a small restaurant with one of my roommates. We’ve just run into my law professor and her husband and had a quick chat with him before sitting down to separate tables. Halfway through our meal, a group of rowdy young adults jumps up from their table and rushes out the door, apparently to dine and dash.

Me: “Oh, my God! I think they just ran out on the bill!”

Roommate: “And the waitress has just realized it, too.”

The waitress walks over to their table, sees that the check hasn’t been paid, and gets visibly upset.

Me: “You don’t think they’ll take that out of her paycheck, do you?”

Waitress: *Overhearing* “They do, unfortunately. They left over $200 worth of food.”

She walks sadly back to clear the table. We finish our meal and ask for the bill and the same waitress drops it over.

Me: “If she has to pay their bill, I think it’d be nice to leave her a bigger tip so she doesn’t have to lose her whole paycheck.”

Roommate: “I was thinking the same thing.”

We leave a very generous tip. We stop by our lecturer’s table to say goodbye and find out they’re doing the exact same thing.

A few weeks later, my roommate and I go to the same restaurant and again, we meet our professor and her husband. We have a quick laugh about the coincidence and head to our separate tables.

Roommate: “I’ve got a bad feeling about that table over there.”

I turn around and see a large group of rowdy young adults, but I can’t make out if they’re the same people as last time. We notice that they start to get up quickly as though they’re going to run out on the check. Quick as a flash, my professor’s husband jumps up and tackles one of them as they’re about to head out the door.

Husband: “You guys thinking about running out on the bill again?”

The dasher starts to squirm and try to get away. The same waitress as last time runs over, looking very worried.

Waitress: “It’s okay, sir, you can let him go! I don’t want anyone getting hurt!”

Husband: “That’s okay, miss. I’m well used to it.”

My lecturer’s husband pulls out a badge and the waitress goes white. An older man that we assume is the manager comes running over.

Dasher: “Let me go. I’ve already paid [Waitress]!”

Manager: “Then why were you running out the door, young man?”

Both the dasher and the waitress look at each other, but the dasher quickly spills the beans first.

Dasher: “We pay [Waitress] before we eat. We only pretend to run out so she gets bigger tips.”

Manager: “[Waitress], go wait for me in the office. Young man, get out, and you and your friends are not welcome here again.” *Turns to the husband* “Thank you for stopping him.”

The waitress covered her face with her hands and ran into the back. We came back a few weeks later and — surprise, surprise — we didn’t see that waitress again. My professor does like to tell that story in class from time to time, though.