Foolishly Charging Ahead

| Learning | February 27, 2015

(It is April Fools’ Day and my history teacher is assigning the homework for that night. My friend and I always finish the homework in class while still talking. We are reading the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass.)

Teacher: “Okay, so here is your homework for tonight!”

(Points to whiteboard which reads ‘finish chapters five and six, with vocabulary and all study questions.’)

Student #1: “What?”

Student #2: “This is so like uncool!”

Me: *reads silently while listening to lesson and finishes everything but the vocabulary for chapter six, as I have no dictionary* “Must… finish!”

(Bell rings.)

Student #1: “Wait! Mr. [Teacher]! Is that still homework?”

Teacher: *nonchalantly* “Oh, that’s just for April Fools’!”

Me: *looks up horrified* “Hey! I just did all that work for nothing!”

Friend #2: “YUP! Too bad [Friend #1] isn’t here. She would’ve fallen for it, too!”

Me: “Well, at least I’ll be ahead… I hate being too productive!”

(In the end, I WAS way ahead, so luckily, I had no work to do on my birthday!)

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