Food For Thoughtfulness, Part 2

, , , , | Hopeless | May 20, 2016

(I have just gotten out of ballet with my sister. My parents pick us up to take us to a well-known Asian take-out place. My sister has been feeling sick, but she goes in to order anyway since I am still in ballet clothes. She’s in there for a few minutes before a man comes out to our car.)

Man: “Excuse me; are you the parents of the girl inside?”

Mum: “Yes, is something wrong?”

Man: “Come inside, now.”

(Both my mum and my stepdad run inside, while I stay with my brother, who is also sick. A minute later, they come out supporting my sister. The man and a woman come out. My mum explains that my sister has been feeling sick, but she should be fine. The woman talks to my mum, handing us a cup of Pepsi for my sister.)

Woman: “She passed out inside. Take this drink. It’s thin, and should be good for her. Make sure she drinks it slowly.”

(My mum agrees, and the woman walks away. An employee comes out, with the food that my sister ordered.)

Employee: “Here’s your food. It’s on us. Make sure she gets better, okay?

(My mum insisted on paying, but he refused and went back inside. My sister and I were regulars at this place, and the employees were always so great. It made me happy that even after all the awful stories I’d heard about employees being awful, this employee in particular was awesome enough to get our food packed and bring it out to us for free, as well as making sure my sister was okay.)


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