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(I am 17, and my sister is 16. I have gone off to college, while my sister is still at home. She works a part-time job at the local fast food restaurant. Our single dad is just finishing a messy divorce, and we are fairly poor. The following happens when I drop in on her shift to say hello.)

Me: “Hey, [Sister]!”

Sister: “Oh, hi! Are you going to come pick me up when I get off in a few hours?”

Me: “Yes! I can’t wait!”

Sister: “Okay. Do you have a couple of bucks? Dad wasn’t home when I left for work, the fridge is empty, and I’m so hungry.”

Me: *heart sinking* “No, I’m broke, too. I’m sorry. Maybe we can scrounge something up when I come pick you up?”

Sister: “Yeah, hopefully we can figure something out.”

(My sister turns away to handle something behind the counter.)

Customer: *to me* “Hey! I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but I overheard you and your sister talking. Take this.” *she hands me two five-dollar bills*

Me: “Thank you so much! But are you sure?”

Customer: “Absolutely. You make sure your sister gets something to eat there. Family takes care of family, don’t they?”

(And just like that, she turned and left. I gave my sister one of the fives so she could get some food at work, and with the other $5 and the change I was able to scrounge from my car and our sofa cushions, we were able to get a take-home pizza until my dad could get groceries the next day. Thank you, kind stranger!)

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