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Food For Thought-less

, | Romantic | June 12, 2015

(My girlfriend and I have been dating for just over three months. We’re on a late-night date at the fast food store where I work. I have ordered our food and am sitting down opposite the cafe area, where my best friend is working. Though it’s half-an hour till closing, a large group of guys walk in. The kitchen gets busy so I help out before returning to my girlfriend. They sit near us and are being loud and rude. They pay no attention to us until I kiss my girlfriend.)

Customer: “Hey, lesbos! Take it somewhere else. We’re trying to f****** eat here!”

(We ignore them, but two of his friends egg him on, with him throwing constant homophobic abuse at us, with two of his mates agreeing.)

Me: “Can you keep it down? We’re trying to eat here.”

Customer: “F***! Go suck a d**k, b****!”

Best Friend: *yelling over the cafe counter* “Hey, leave her and her girlfriend alone or you’re going to have to leave!”

(The three customers abusing us stop suddenly before heading over to the counter, where they proceed to attempt to intimidate and make a complaint with my very short female manager.)

Customer: “They were abusing us! Spreading their lesbian-ness all over us while we’re trying to eat! Kick them out! We’re right!”

Girlfriend: “Hey, d***-heads, the lesbian made your food.”

(The men left angry and shocked, but not before the last man to leave apologies for his friends’ behavior. I later found out he rang up the store as well and apologised to my manager for their rudeness.)

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