Food Beats Money

, , , , | Romantic | June 19, 2018

(I’m six months pregnant, and I’ve just woken up, as my boyfriend is getting ready to leave for work. He sees me sitting up, looking a little grouchy, and he comes over and sits on the side of the bed, giving me a hug.)

Boyfriend: “Doing okay there?”

Me: *grunts* “Yeah. Didn’t sleep well.”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry.” *kisses my forehead* “I’m about to head out. Do you want me to bring you anything back?”

Me: “The winning lottery ticket?”

Boyfriend: *smirking* “How about food?”

Me: *snickering* “That sounds good, too; probably more immediate payout, as well.”

Boyfriend: “Agreed. You’ll probably be much happier, anyway.”

(He sure knows the way to my heart! And how to brighten my morning!)

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