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Following This Show Religiously

| Friendly | October 12, 2015

(My friend and I are watching an anime called ‘Full-Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.’ The story features a fictional science called alchemy, which involves deconstructing and reconstructing matter. The episode we’re watching features a corrupt priest who has won over a town with “miracles” that are really just artificially enhanced alchemy. During the climax of the episode, he attacks the protagonist with a chimera, a creature made with alchemy. Note that one of the priest’s naïve young followers is witnessing all this, and doesn’t question his increasingly un-priest-like behaviour.)

Friend: “Uhh… Pretty sure most priests don’t keep chimeras lying around…”

Me: *in a fake indignant tone* “Well, how would you know, [Friend]?! Have YOU ever been a priest?!”

Friend: *laughs*

(A few minutes later, the priest character shoots someone with a gun, but in the process almost shoots his follower.)

Me: “Oh, my God, [Character], you don’t shoot your followers! Didn’t you go to priest school?!”

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