Followed To Its Logical Conclusion

| TN, USA | Friendly | January 8, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are on our way home and decide to stop off for some take-away pizza.)

Boyfriend: *gets in right turn lane behind another car driven by woman*

Woman: *looks startled and takes off away from us, and quickly takes the next turn left into a shopping area*

Boyfriend: *sees his way clear, makes his right turn, and then takes the next left turn as well*

Woman: *looks even more startled and takes the next left inside the parking lot*

Boyfriend: *calmly takes the next left as well*

Woman: *abruptly does a u-turn and leaves the entire shopping area*

Boyfriend: *parks car in front of pizza parlor*

Me: *laughing* “That poor woman.  I think she thought we were following her!”

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