Follow Your Dreams! Just Not Those…

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I am in the “Gifted And Talented” program in my school. Everyone in this program is expected to study more “academic” subjects. There’s an assembly that those in the program are meant to attend about university, which is years away for us; I haven’t even decided whether I want to go yet.

I happen to arrive first and see a teacher who I haven’t spoken to properly in a while.

Teacher: “Oh, hello, [My Name]! How are you?”

We exchange pleasantries.

Teacher: “So, what GCSEs are you taking?”

Me: “Well, I’m taking Computer Science, French—”

She nods approvingly.

Me: “—and then Drama and Fine Art. Those are my real passions, and I love studying them.”

When I mention the arts, she gives me a shocked and horrified look.

Teacher: *Waveringly* “Oh, that’s nice, dear… What are you thinking about for university?”

Me: “I haven’t really decided. If I do go, I’ll be studying the arts, of course. I most likely won’t go to any of the more famous ones, and I may not even go at all. I’m not too sure if it’s really for me. I want to go into freelance illustration when I’m older, and maybe performance work, too.”

As I spoke, her shocked and horrified expression grew more and more comically intense, and when I finished speaking, she excused herself from the room. Perhaps she’d prefer it if I wanted to be a software engineer.

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